divine-guidanceAbsolutely. Everyone experiences divine guidance.

It’s always within us. All the time, even if we aren’t aware of it.

It’s our ethical backbone and our conscience.

It’s in our compassion and the love we feel.

It drives us to serve. And to be served. Yes, both.

Divine guidance really IS involved in everything we think and everything we do.

But sometimes, we don’t listen.

Not that many months ago I was well and truly shocked to hear someone describe doing something that was so ethically wrong that anyone could’ve seen it.

I know that somewhere in there divine guidance was operating, but not being paid attention to.

That’s the thing. We’ve got to pay attention to that nagging little voice of reason.

Whenever we’re about to do something we think (or even know) is questionable, it’s worth it to be still and listen for that intuitive voice.

You know, the one that is probably screaming as we cover our ears and go “LA LA LA!”

That one.

Let divine love in and we naturally do what’s right. That’s the way it works.

Maybe you’re interested in accessing your higher self and divine guidance through a spiritual connection. Or perhaps you’re curious about a past life regression. Email me and let’s talk about it. No obligation, ever. Just a discussion.

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