ram-dassMy Facebook feed is filled with people who have taken on healing in a big way. Whether it’s cancer, fibromyalgia, IBS or something else, the biggest thing in their life is getting well and they’ll do just about anything in that pursuit.

Guru Ram Dass comes to mind. He had a debilitating stroke in 1997, losing the ability to walk and speak clearly.

Yet, he has lived fully since then with joy and spirituality front and center of his life.

When life hands us something big, like a serious disease or illness, it’s offering us a chance to get closer to God. Because life is never going to be the way it once was. Which is what Ram Dass faced after his stroke.

I’ve embedded below a video of Ran Dass being taken swimming near his home in Hawaii. The sheer joy on his face, despite significant disabilities, inspires me every time I see it. This is a man who clearly drew even closer to God after his stroke and the purpose of his life continues to be to inspire us.  The video is beautiful and I hope you, too get something from it.

If you’re battling something big, I hope you’ll take a look at our healing toolkit, which many have found helpful.


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