expectationsI heard someone say that expectations are simply resentments waiting to happen.

I think that’s probably true.

How many times do we “expect” things to be a certain way? Family to act a certain way? Bosses to be a certain way?

Our lives are FULL of expectations.

Now, how many times to people actually meet those expectations?

How often does our life reflect them?

I thought so.

What we see

Our view of how the world should be often differs from how the world IS. I know this from my own life.

Whether it’s family, health, the job or something else, very few things live up to their billing.

So what helps us keep resentment at bay?

Not taking it personally. Knowing that is usually not about us. It’s about them. And there’s not much we can do about it.

If there IS something we can do about it, such as own something or apologize, doing that will help clear the air.

What really is

But mostly, it’s about understanding that some of our expectations are not reasonable, often because the other party isn’t capable of them. Then, adjusting them and letting karma take care of it.

We’re asked to adjust our expectations all the time and when we’re able to do that, we maintain happiness (and our mental health).

Let go. Let it be.

Trust that life is unfolding as it is supposed to and that all will be well.

If you’re struggling with managing expectations, let’s talk about whether a coaching session or two might help. Contact Carol@Ahealingspirit.org

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