healing-prayerI don’t know about you, but for me this is a tough season. It’s the season in which I lost my mother, my dear friend and now, my beloved Riley. So most days I pray for healing from my pain. Maybe you’re grieving or maybe you are sick. Maybe you, too, pray for healing of one kind or another.

In case it will help you, I thought I’d share my own healing prayer.

Find a moment, a quiet moment. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale fully, still your heart and your mind.

As you continue to breathe in this way notice thoughts that come up…. your fears, concerns and worries…the things that keep you from a peaceful mind…notice them…and then let them go…watch them drift away and in their place, a quiet mind. A still mind.  One that allows us to hear the message from Mother / Father God, from the Divine, from our Savior, however we envision our greater power.

That quiet mind allows us to recognize when they are speaking to us …and to hear them.

Shhhh….listen…..if you listen, you’ll hear the message.

Ask for wisdom from your higher power….ask for what you need…healing, strength, love,  forgiveness, trust, courage….anything.

Acknowledge your imperfections …. no different from anyone else’s…..we are all human and imperfect at times.

Share your desire for healing of body and soul…and ask your Higher Power and your guides to show you the plan for you and to give you perspective and a greater understanding.

Ask for the strength to face whatever your Higher Power has planned for you.

Trust in your ability to receive that strength.

Give glory to your Higher Power.


If you have a healing prayer of your own you’d like to share, please do so in the Comments.

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