I was only 24 when anxiety knocked on my door. Well, POUNDED is more like it.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t want to leave the house. I didn’t want to shower.  The symptoms were pretty bad. Panic attack, anxiety, it’s all related.

I was in college and ended up at the student health center, where they assigned me a psychologist in training under a more senior psychologist.  Among other things….like giving me an Rx for Librium, the drug of choice in the mid 1970s, which I didn’t come to appreciate until later in life, but that’s another story….among other things, the psychologist used hypnosis on me.

Ironic, isn’t it? I had no idea then or even in the ensuing years, that I’d become a hypnotherapist.

Those sessions with him taught me that I really could use my mind to control anxiety.

Natural really is better

Hey, I know we’re a fix-it-with-a-pill society. It astonishes me how many young people I know are given heavy duty drugs to handle anxiety. And I do think drugs have their place.

But it’s entirely possible to handle anxiety yourself by hypnosis, and also by learning a few hypnosis techniques, yourself, that you can use any time it comes upon you.

Which is what I did.

Whenever I got those feelings, and through the years they HAVE reappeared, I immediately used what I was taught and they vanished.  As time went on they appeared less and less and I can’t tell you when the last time was–maybe last year? But they’re gone as quickly as they pop up because I know what to do.

For me, a rational, logical thought process was my safe haven. My therapist and hypnotherapist worked with me to find the best hypnotic suggestions for ME. The ones that would resonate most and would actually work for me. And then taught me.

And I have used them ever since. Super-successfully.

Help is at hand!

I’d like to help you do the same: work with you on finding the best, natural way to handle anxiety via hypnosis. To show you (or your son, daughter, spouse, parent, friend) how it works and how you, too can apply it to help control your anxiety.

Contact me at Carol@AHealingSpirit.org and let’s set a time to talk about it!

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