datingSo. Maybe you’re single later in life. You want to date and eventually meet someone special, but you don’t know how to begin.

Maybe you don’t think you’re the femme fatale you  were when you were young.

Maybe the idea of hanging out in bars sounds dated. (It is.)

Maybe online dating sounds scary or intimidating.

datingWell, maybe, just maybe, dating later in life doesn’t have to be scary. Or intimidating.

Maybe you don’t have to be young, nubile or in perfect shape to date.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to partner up later in life. You’re never too old, too grey, too out of shape, either.

You don’t have to be lipo-suctioned, face-lifted or botoxed. Trust me on that.

I know this firsthand because I’m hardly a femme fatale. When I decided to step into the single world in my 50s, I ended up with four marriage proposals the first year.  A girlfriend began dating again in her 60s and had no shortage of fun dates.

How did we do it?

It’s not hard. Anyone can do it.

You just need to be you. Your authentic self.  And you need to know a few strategic moves. Because we’re not 18 any  more and it takes a little more effort to meet your match.

A little, not a lot. Easy.

datingNo matter your age, let me coach you through your reentry to the dating scene.

My package of four telephone/internet coaching sessions can be found here. And yes, it will take four to get you started.  But after that?


Email me at Carol (at) to book a no-obligation telephone consultation now. Let the new year be your best ever.

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