angelThink about the friend who’s grieving the loss of a loved one. Or the other, who has been battling a serious illness.

The holidays may not be very festive for them.

If you’ve got something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, why not be an angel and give someone else something to be thankful for?  Some ideas:

If someone’s going through a hard time, reach out. Spend an hour or two with them over coffee or tea. Send a card with a note. Call them on the actual telephone (no texts!)

Send pretty flowers.

Send one of our affordable gift packages for healing or grief. They’re on sale though Dec. 1. Use checkout code HOL1 for the large package and code HOL2 for the regular size to get the discount. Or a thoughtful mala bracelet on sale for $7 until midnight tonight with code BF and after that, still on sale, for $9 with code HOL3.

Donate money to a charity that helps those in need or to someone’s GoFundMe.

Buy some Target or Walmart gift cards and deliver them to a domestic abuse shelter, because when families leave they often leave quickly, without anything, including underwear or even shoes.

Donate food at your grocery store.

Bring old towels and blankets to your local animal shelter along with bags or cans of unopened food. Call first to see what they need.

Adopt an older pet that needs a home.

It’s easy to be an angel. It feels good. And if someone does something angelic for you, pay it forward in some way. Keep the chain of love coming. Because that’s all it is. Love. LOVE.  Please feel free to share your angel ideas in Comments below!




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