Are miracles real?

Dr. Wayne Dyer believed that nothing is impossible.



Consider that for just a moment.

Dr. Dyer observed that there may be things we encounter on our spiritual (life) journey that surprise and puzzle us.

And wrote extensively about his belief that we should open ourselves up to all possibilities and realize that nothing is impossible.


And to tap into our highest selves and the power he believed we possess to manifest our hearts’ desire.

Now, I’m guilty of being afraid to think positively, afraid I’ll “jinx” the situation. Sometimes my worry gets the upper hand. My anxiety. My fear of the worst, whatever that is.

When that happens I remind myself of Wayne Dyer’s fervent belief in manifesting. About his faith that nothing is impossible with God, just as the New Testament said.

That affirmations CAN work. And do.

Wayne Dyer died unexpectedly in 2015. He’d had leukemia in 2009 but had a healing with John of God, which he described in detail to Oprah and on his blog.

After his death, his children released the autopsy results. No sign of leukemia at all in his body. He died of a heart attack.

Nothing is impossible.

No thing.

Here is Dr. Dyer’s inspirational memoir. Yes, affiliate link.






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