Something happened the other day that might well have been a glimpse of my life in a parallel universe. It was fast, just a glimpse, but so vivid that I had to consider that possibility.

So what are parallel universes? They’re universes where events had different outcomes — a single critical decision went a different way. Maybe Trump DIDN’T get elected. JFK wasn’t killed. You didn’t marry the person you married in this life. You didn’t have kids. You did become a doctor.

Theoretical physics cannot rule out the possibility and in fact, there was been some evidence for the existence of parallel universes — multiverses.

The “Many Worlds” view of quantum mechanics suggests that all possible outcomes actually DO happen, but only one can happen in each Universe. So if you consider all the permutations there would have to be an infinite number of parallel universes to account for every possible outcome.

Crazy talk? Not really. There’s nothing in physics that rules it out. In fact, theoretical physics and quantum mechanics might well support it.

If it were possible, then consider that particles or even human beings could travel between universes, allowing us to live in a whole different possibility.

From time to time my husband and I discuss the idea that in another Universe, we didn’t get divorced (and then remarried 26 years later) and we speculate about what our lives could have been like. If multiverses exist, that life does exist in another Universe. Which fascinates us.

Some weeks ago I had smoked just a tiny bit of recreational weed. Not much, just a couple of tokes. I sat on the sofa and was almost instantly presented with a scenario from my 20s that might have happened if I’d made other decisions. It was a flash. A vivid glimpse in living color, complete with felt emotion.

It wasn’t a dream or a thought or a hope. It was a vision.

I love the whole idea of multiverses–not to mention the possibility of moving between them– and do believe that long after I’m gone, we’ll know so much more about this. Yes, despite the way some religious fanatics want to deny science. The facts are the facts, regardless of what you “believe in.” This theory is not inconsistent with spirituality but it IS inconsistent with the narrow views of “religion” –which is a man-made construct and a topic for a different day.

Have you ever experienced a glimpse of life in a world where a key decision changed the outcome?

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