A video of my friend, Alan, just came across my screen. A video from about a year ago, in which he was dancing at a coffee shop with a group of girls in a form of photo bomb.

I loved it!

He looked happy. Joyful. Into it.

I don’t think it was like him to be so extroverted with strangers. But that day he was.

My friend died about 10 months later.

At the time the video was taken he knew he was terminally ill and the only question was “how long.” Times of terrible pain and confusion were yet to come.

Now, I’m not going to say that he embraced the idea of transitioning. That’s a bridge too far for most of us, and I think it was for him, too. He didn’t want to go.

But in that moment of joy, that moment of exuberance in the coffeeshop, Alan was fully present. And fully alive.

And in that moment, he taught me to choose life, in all its messy glory.

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