You’re going to say “nothing,” right? Well, not so fast.

Life during the pandemic changed in some really big ways. Unprecedented ways. No argument. Life as we knew it disappeared.

I, too, bemoaned the necessary restrictions as we tried to bring this virus under control, I, too, have missed interactions and activities that were part of my “normal” life.

But what if we looked at it a different way?

Lockdown, quarantine and restricted interactions provided opportunities to look within and decide what is really important to us.

And while it’s easy to paint the entire lockdown scenario as black, I think most of us have discovered that there’s at least one thing and maybe more things that we will miss about this time to ourselves.

My question today: what will you miss once the world opens up fully?

Did staying at home lead to a new discovery about yourself? Or something you’d like to carry forward into this new world of under-control Covid?

I’ll start:

My tribe is scattered all over the world. I have absolutely loved regular Zoom connections with those I love and many will continue into our new world. My husband used to talk to his brother three times a year: Christmas, and both birthdays. Now? We talk every single week. Zooms with distant family and friends  will be part of our lives going forward.

I worked from home long before it was popular or accepted. Like, in the late 1990s. Because of the pandemic, I am now doing all my services online and I will continue to do that in the future. Forever. There is no difference in outcome–services are just as effective. I might also reduce the number of outside meetings I attend.

This time without so many outside distractions has also allowed me a better view of how I have not been as true to my own needs as I should be. Often, I have prioritized client desires over what’s best for me. From now on, I will give my own needs priority status.

How about you? What will you miss about life during the pandemic? Drop a note in the Comments below!

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