Sometimes a message reaches you at just the right time. This one’s all about not allowing anyone or any circumstance to take our power. Or make us feel smaller than we are. Because we are powerful beyond measure.

This reminder from Fia Skye at Flying Edna is so deep, so profound I hope you can spend a few minutes contemplating it:

“My heart felt broken. But it wasn’t. She reminded me that hearts don’t break. They beat. I was just repeating something I’d heard without considering the larger truth of it.

It took words, spoken with fierce love and candor, to quiet my tears and set me in motion.This wise soul didn’t deny me the experience of loss and fear, she refused to let me cultivate anything that would take away my agency and make me smaller than I am.

Voices such as hers are like signposts that reveal location and direction.Their words are never cruel, and never coddling in ways that would encourage delusion. They speak not from a place of self interest but from a place of integrity, with mental nimbleness and awareness of their own biases.

They are not victims, no matter what they have endured. They recognize profound change begins with one voice speaking out loud and clear in a moment when silence would be easier. They know living a life this way requires grace for yourself and for others at all points on the path.”

Powerful words reminding us all of our own power. These were my aha! takeaways:

Hearts don’t break.
Now, I do know someone whose heart was irreparably, physically damaged by broken heart syndrome (yes, that is a real thing). It happened because they gave up their agency to the situation and the other person.  And they lost sight of THIS:

We are not victims.
They could’ve exercised their power to choose a different response to what happened, but they didn’t. They allowed themselves to be victimized. Sure, bad stuff happens. But we don’t have to let it hurt us. We are only victims if we make ourselves that. This is true of any bad event that happens, and yes, bad stuff WILL happen in life. It’s part of the journey. It’s all in how we respond to it. See this piece on how we can choose.

Words spoken with fierce love and candor
If you are lucky enough to have people in your life who tell you the truth from a place of deep love, you are lucky, indeed. I have chills as I write this, in deep appreciation today for Greg and Michele, who are both that for me. (And others, but today, these two). Maybe the message is hard. Maybe we need to hear the hard stuff. Who am I kidding? Not “maybe.” We OFTEN need to hear the hard stuff! But if they are telling you what they see with candor and in love, it may be hard, but it is a gift. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth!

Voices such as hers are like signposts that reveal location and direction.
Sometimes, we really do need a hand to re-orient ourselves. What a gift it is to have a loved one who is willing to support us in finding our way on this journey called “life.”

Best of all
I love this line best of all:she refused to let me cultivate anything that would take away my agency and make me smaller than I am.” This is a huge concept because sometimes, we play smaller than we are. We completely forget how powerful we are and how at any given moment, we can choose what we do next. It is an empowering realization.

What do you think?

Oh, and if you’d like to get messages from Fia Skye and Kai Skye (Kai was formerly known as Brian Andreas who used to do Storypeople but now does so much more and deeper work at FlyingEdna) visit their website. Also, I just bought their fantastic calendar for my new little office and am excited to get a fresh message each month. Because I have so MANY of their pieces in my house already. Find the calendar here.

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