Do you remember that Golden Oldie, “Walk away, Rene?” If you are a certain age, I’m sure you do.

We’re used to walking toward something, toward the light, or embracing something new. But sometimes we are called to walk away.

And sometimes it can be really difficult.

It can be hard to recognize when something no longer serves us: a job, a friendship, a relationship. Maybe it’s a matter of timing. Maybe it never served us. That realization sneaks up and there is no recourse but to step back and even away. And yes, a big gaping hole appears where that hope and dream once stood.

I have been in that situation more than once–we all have, if we are living a full life. Walking away is such a difficult decision. Wrenching. Heartbreaking. That is, if we are in touch with our heart.

Some truths are painful and the bite of reality can really hurt. That empty space is not without pain.

But we survive, don’t we? We get through the darkness, we move into the light, life goes on, if we allow it to.

Walking away can be an act of self-love.

These are my thoughts this summer as I walk away from some hopes and dreams and towards others. Because there are always new hopes and new dreams, if we allow them to enter.



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