I could say a whole lot about manifestation, because it’s been an implicit part of my life since the start. Many examples exist of times I wanted something to happen and it did. Although not in the time frame I expected or even in the way I thought it would.

I have no explanation. It just IS. (We don’t need to have an earthly explanation for everything, you know. Sometimes stuff can just happen, mysterious and wonderful. Why question it?)

More than a year ago I saw a promo for these Homes Bracelets and especially for one with a center stone filled with earth from the shores of Lake Ontario, the Great Lake in my hometown of Rochester, NY.

I ordered it. I had no idea why–I just wanted to feel more connected with my hometown, with the earth and water that I came from. Didn’t think about moving back or even a second home there.

Maybe six months later, my husband started talking about a second home in Rochester. And now, here I am, in Rochester, looking at that home in progress.

I can not explain it.

So here I am in Rochester, wearing the bracelet. Sure, I have other, more traditionally “valuable” pieces. But this piece is more valuable than any of them.

The center stone is Lake Ontario and the others are howlite, one of my favorite stones. Howlite represents tenderness, being open-minded and stillness. (I’m a work in progress on that last one.)

The Universe is so amazing, isn’t it?

If you’ve got a manifestation story, I’d love to hear it below, in the Comments.

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