Do you find it difficult to maintain your equilibrium– to find your center — in the face of public and political actions that are against everything you believe in?

I do, too. So when I saw this post by my Facebook friend about how she found her center in this situation, I was inspired. And thought you might like to see it, too. I was so pleased when my she allowed me to reprint her Facebook post in its entirety. So here it is:

by Lisa Wolfe

Recently I’ve taken on my judgment of Trump supporters.
I used to experience blinding rage–so unlike my usual demeanor.

I didn’t understand it, but I started to understand “crimes of passion”.

I literally could not access my rational mind when confronted by supporters of the current administration. I just wanted to scream, hit, lash out. It bothered me that my usual calm could be so disrupted.

So, there’s a guy at the shop up the street, who’s been working a lot recently. He watches Fox News on the store TV. Loudly.

The first time, I was short with him and left quickly. After the fourth time (every time I’d asked where my friend, the owner of the shop was), I looked him in the eyes and saw how pretty his blue eyes are. (It helped that the TV was off).
He’s kind to Joey, my dog, and sweet.

And I saw the little boy he was. I’m certainly not going to be close friends with the guy–but I’m no longer triggered to the point I would do something stupid.

Today some guy made a dumb comment on FB. I went to his profile.

A boomer, with a sad resignation on his face. Nothing but video games that he’d played on his feed. The pictures show sad smiling children, his morbidly obese wife, his military honors on a table and hung on the wall.

And I was simply hit by a wave of sadness. I had relatives like this, tangentially–my step-grandparents, my brothers’.
They live tiny lives, with their small hobbies and small dogs with painted toenails. They complain to each other, bicker constantly, and seldom smile.

It’s the unrealized potential. The small-mindedness, the limited perspective…it’s truly a different level of consciousness.

Not to dehumanize–the point is, what if they’d been shown the world as children? Been exposed to great music, art, ideas? Allowed to feel their feelings, and given the freedom to explore history, science, spirituality?

That’s the great sadness of this time. Our visceral instinct is to attack the racists, bigots and blind supporters of the selling out of the American democracy.

But they’re just traumatized humans, raised in households where there were secrets and emotions were considered weak. Their shining joy of childhood was dimmed by the old paradigm.

While we must remember their humanity, we also need to understand that their ignorance mustn’t be allowed to destroy us. The time for politeness is over. We can have compassion without mistaking it for compromise.

I’m no longer triggered.

That does NOT mean I will look away when these distorted humans do heinous things.

But it does mean that I won’t be on their “us-vs-them” level.

I’ll continue my work for a new world. It’s only by embracing the humanity of EVERYONE that we can create a new world.

Onward, loves.

Thank you, Lisa, for allow me to share your thoughts and inspiration.  If you’re having trouble sleeping or feeling anxiety, check out my products and remember, some are absolutely FREE to help during this anxious time.

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