A whole lot has changed this year, hasn’t it? That’s why I asked vision board specialist and blogger Jennifer Rochette Koshak of Unfold and Begin blog to address how we might adapt our vision board to reflect the changes in our lives and environment. Here is her advice.

by Jennifer Rochette Koshak

Right now, I imagine it’s hard to plan goals. Or maybe you had some goals and even had a vision board to support those goals but then Covid-19 blew them out of the water. I understand how that feels. I was supposed to go on vacation in May…NOT. The change in the world and our lives means those of us who see the benefit in focus and manifestation need to figure out a vision board for these times.

In my book, A Practical Guide to Goal Planning and Vision Boards, I explain the different types of vision boards you can create and also what to do when your vision board doesn’t feel right. Perhaps your goals have changed. Or maybe your timeline has. Or maybe you set goals for the year but you  realized they weren’t really the goals that you wanted in the first place.

Step one is to assess your vision board, if you have one.

Or, maybe you want to create one…. or just update your current board.

Or create an entirely new one.

If only a few goals have changed, then you can remove the pictures and phrases that no longer fit, find new pictures and phrases that do, and glue them in the open spots. If there are major changes in. your goals, it’s easier to create a new vision board.

But how about if you still want to keep the vision board you already made –because it still supports goals in a longer time-frame– but you want to have something that is relevant to now?

Create a second vision board. I have one. My husband and I created a 2020 vision board together that showcases our shared goals. But I also created a blogging vision board to keep myself on track with my blog and the goals I have for it.

It’s ok to have multiple vision boards. And it’s ok to change your vision board when it’s not working for you anymore. It’s not a one and done situation. Goals ebb, and flow, and change. With or without Covid-19, you might be right here, right now, feeling dissatisfied with your vision board knowing that it doesn’t support your current goals. Change it. It’s ok. But first, you need to look at it and decide if it’s still working.

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Thanks, Jennifer! Check out her book, which is full of advice to easily make your own vision board or enhance the one you have. And to summarize her advice to those who already have a board:

1. Evaluate your vision board. Does it reflect the current state of what you’d like?
2. If not, decide if you want to remove and replace some items or do a second vision board for this period of time.
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