How much of our behavior is about what others think of us–as opposed to what we think of ourselves?

When I was younger there were times I was self-conscious–concerned about how I was received. Insecurity is a phase most youth go through, but sometimes even in adulthood we consider what others think of us more than we’re aware of of.

Did you hear any of these messages when you were young?

“Don’t bring shame on the family!”

“What will people/the neighbors think?”

Scrolling my social media feed I have noticed that some people attacked by trolls are super-defensive. I must admit that when I’m attacked online (it happens) I also feel defensive. It’s normal. Even though as I grew up I learned to be secure in the person I was. To understand that what I thought of myself and my own behavior was far more important than what others thought.

Maybe it took me longer than others, but I did finally get there, only to find that social media make us vulnerable in different ways.

I’m still pretty much ok with the person I am. I still pretty much think, “well, if you don’t get me, that’s ok, because I get me.”

Pretty much. Like anyone else, that confidence can be shaken. Not often, but it happens.

And when it does, I remind myself of just who I am and that I am always that person.

No matter what others think.


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