“The heavens don’t always protect us. They choose, on occasion, to throw down challenges instead of simply showering more blessings on our heads.

“Not every tempest passes in  an instant. Not every deluge can be brushed off.
We can cower, we can wait for blue skies to be restored or we can take the plunge, defy the elements and we can seize the day.”
  ~Call the Midwif

Look around at the many expressing anxiety with life during a pandemic, our version of “the perfect storm.”.  It’s only human to focus on what we’ve lost. Our freedom. Maybe our jobs. Our level of comfort with the world as we knew it. As it no longer is.

These are huge losses. It’s important to acknowledge them.

It’s also important that we confront our reality and figure out how to deal with both our fears and this new world around us. To “seize the day,” as  the writers at Call the Midwife call it. And not cower in fear or anxiety.

I’m defying fear by moving forward with my life even as I remain in quarantine for…however long I must. Friends meet up with us on Zoom. I write. I send cards and emails. I watch streaming content. I read. And I craft the way I want my life to be on the other side of this.

With every breath I’m defying the horrible, venal, inhumane things going on today. And living.

Not every tempest passes in an instant. But this one can pass.

Every vote counts. Every vote.

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