UPDATE February 2021: The first engagement of someone who used this program to meet the love of their life just happened! If you would like a mate, don’t spend another Valentine’s Day alone!

It’s a new year and maybe you think you’ve been without a partner long enough. In 2020, you want to date someone fun– or even fall in love.

Dating at this age feel a little, well, foreign? I know the feeling. I entered the dating pool again in my mid-50s and the terrain was unfamiliar. Online dating for seniors can be daunting.

But I learned to not only navigate the terrain of dating as an older adult, but summit the peak. Not without a few stumbles, I admit. But along the way I found a method that worked for me and for the midlife and senior people I’ve coached.

online-dating-for-seniorsMy most recent coaching client met someone fabulous on her second outing after signing up to an online dating service. They’re quite taken with each other and truth is, they’re a good match. And it happened so fast because of targeting. Yep. I have a very specific method and targeting is a big part of it. And she was a tough case: she’d listened to all the horrible online dating stories, has a busy life and doesn’t like to spend time online.

But she wasn’t finding the right guy organically.

Her first outing didn’t go so well–because she broke several of my cardinal rules for success. But after a post-date coaching call, she decide to follow the steps  we’d discussed and BAM! She met her match the very next outing. They just celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together and yes, the “L” word has been mentioned.

You could have the same outcome she did– because I’m offering a Find your midlife or senior soulmate now! coaching adventure that can help you find the relationship you’ve wanted. You will:

  • Explore self-limiting beliefs, stereotypes and assumptions about online dating at midlife or older
  • Learn how to make conscious choices that support finding your midlife or senior soulmate
  • Discover and specify the kind of relationship you really want
  • See how attitude and intentions impact our ability to find our soulmate
  • Develop a dating profile that reflects who you really are and attracts the kind of person you want
  • Learn how to select and strategically use an online dating app
  • Develop perspective to cope more effectively with the twists and turns of dating
  • Strengthen existing skills that help you better connect with potential partners
  • Increase confidence and decrease fear of online dating apps as an effective a way to find your soulmate in these older years

This fast-paced adventure (and that’s what it is) is for active, mature adults looking to take a personal journey into finding the soulmate they’ve dreamed of. And who are willing to do things differently than they have in the past.

And to give you a little taste of what’s in store, I’m offering a 30-minute discovery coaching session by phone or Zoom call for only $29.

You’ll walk away with…

  • A simple, clear vision of the relationship you seek
  • Knowledge of the hidden obstacles that could be sabotaging your dating success
  • Next steps for finding someone you really want to spend time with

Sound intriguing? Want this year to be fun and exciting? Email me to schedule your introductory discovery call and let’s get started! Ccassara (at) gmail.com

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