All photos by my brother from another mother, Scott Swanson in Montana.

A few things that I have learned along the way:

Conflicting views of life exist side by side:ย  Life is random. Life is based on a plan. Is it possible for both to be true? If not, which is it?

Life is random in the sense of the common question, why me? The only answer is why not me? It’s not like certain people are singled out for suffering. It’s luck of the draw.

Or is it?

Is it a plan or isn’t it?

If life has been fairly trauma-free, or if you’ve dealt with your trauma effectively, it’s a lot easier to think that life is based on a master plan developed before you were born.

Where this gets tricky is if your life holds a lot of suffering. There’s huge resistance to there being a plan, a lesson. People I know have struggled with finding the lesson in their suffering. Sometimes the lesson isn’t theirs, but for those around them. Not that anyone wants to suffer on another’s behalf. But we don’t get to choose.

Or do we? Is this really a path we’ve chosen?

How do we know?

trust-lifeI believe it all revolves around whether or not you believe life goes on after our time on this plane is up. If you do, it’s easier to see life here as Soul School, as a place to learn and teach.

If you don’t believe life goes on after this, then you have no context from which to view what happens. It’s just “shit happens.”

Most everyone brings up Hitler when resisting the concept of “everything has a reason.” Or the suffering of children. I can’t explain Hitler’s existence and evil and the suffering of so many in a way that anyone would find palatable. It is just too horrific and I am not that all-knowing.

But my own faith tells me that there is a reason and a plan, yes, even for the awful things that happen.

What kind of Spirit is it, really?

I know others who believe in the “watchmaker god”–who winds it up, steps out and lets it run on its own.

And of course, there are those who think we are just one big science experiment for a more advanced civilization.

No matter how we view life, it’s important for us to get the most out of it. Yes to learn, and to teach. And to laugh and find joy. To garner strength to deal with struggles.

And yes, to trust life. What alternative do we have?

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