successIf you’re in business, you’ve probably encountered legions of coaches all offering to help you succeed.

Or those who trigger our desire for fortune or for fame.

For some, success is a matter of paying the bills.

For others, it’s prestige, ego, fortune or fame.

Fortune and fame?  Something I know a bit about, since I have lived in Silicon Valley for decades.

So what about success?

A few years ago I heard spiritual teacher Suzanne Giesemann talk. She was channeling her spirit guides. This was all the more amazing because she had been a senior military officer and aide to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Talk about two ends of a continuum.

Her guides said something that stuck with me and I’m going to leave it with you today:

“Most humans miss the point,” they said. “The point is not to succeed or fail.  The joy comes in be-ing and growing, and often growth results simply from trying….pass or fail.  Do you see?  Do you understand?  Are you up to the task?

“You are loved no matter what.  What a joyous discovery!”

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