Every year we visit Maui with friends. This year was different though.

It’s always peaceful. But this time, my mind was peaceful, too. I didn’t feel a big push to do anything. Not sightsee, not cook, not anything.

“That’s what it’s like here,” said our friend Danny. “And that’s your agenda: do nothing.”

I come from a father who had a strong work ethic, one that became part of my life, too.ย  Even as I entered and went through my 60s, I felt no stress at still working. It just wasn’t time for me to do nothing.

That time will come, I know. It comes for us all.

I know some people who make the choice earlier than maybe I would in their position. People without any financial security but who are an age when, well, they’re tired. They’re done. They call it early and I always send up a prayer that it works out for them.

Others I know have had that do-nothing transition forced on them through layoff or disability. That’s an entirely different story. Some rise to the occasion. Some do not.

This is in fact the first year that doing nothing has intrigued me. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not ready yet. But the day is coming, I can sense it.

How will I know when it’s time? I’m so glad you asked!

There are so many factors and believe me, I’ve been through them all.ย  If making that kind of change is something you’d like to consider, I invite you to join me in Jordan to learn just how to figure out if it’s time for doing nothing. Or for doing something different.

You may think you are unprepared. Or you may think you’re prepared. Either way, we’ll reality test it on retreat. Together. All of us. Supporting one another as we walk through these life changes.

Give me a call and let’s talk about whether this retreat is for you. You can schedule a call on the retreat website. And oh by the way, you might want to look at some of the details!

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