disagreeIt’s easy to get over-invested in others agreeing with us. When we do that, we fail to respect their right to disagree. Their own boundaries. And we create unnecessary stress for ourselves.

So the truth is, it’s ok if someone disagrees with us. Nobody has to agree with us.  We have a right to our own feelings. And they have a right to theirs.

When I was growing up, my authoritarian father didn’t brook any disagreement from his views. Of course, that meant I was even more intent on holding on to my own point of view, which often disagreed with his.

There are times when my friends do things with which I disagree. And in our current climate, many people say things and hold opinions we think are crazy.

They may well BE crazy ideas. Even terrible ideas. But they have a right to hold them, just as we have a right to our own opinions.

Life is far less stressful if we don’t feel we have to control what others say or do, don’t you think?

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