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Have you ever thought something and then, it bothered you because you thought it was too judgmental?

Yeah. Me, too. Just the other day.

I thought someone I knew fell short in their attempt to provide support to someone in need.  Someone I also know.  It felt to me like a lot of motion, drama and flash without much substance.

No substantive support was given, I thought. And it bothered me.

I know, what business is it of  mine?

There’s nothing wrong with the observation. That’s my opinion and I am entitled.

Holding onto it? That’s another story. An opinion like that is mean to be noticed and then let go. Let it fly out into the air.

Maybe back in the day I would’ve just had the judgment, looked on disapprovingly from my high horse and held on to it. Now it’s different.

Immediately, I was aware of my judgment even as I was making it. Examining it, I framed it as simply an observation and then, let it go.

After, I asked myself, “What is it teaching me?” It taught me that we are all human and try as we might, we are going to have reactions. And, it taught me that if I examined. my judgment I’d see it for what it was. And that I could let it go.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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