We came into the world with an abundance of wisdom and the purpose of life is to help us remember it.

It can take a long time, or, for some, we know right from the get-go.

Some of us are better at accessing that wise self than others.  But everyone can access that wisdom simply by letting go. Letting go of worry. Of hurry. Of filling every moment with something. Of scrolling endlessly. And of fear.

Fear? Yes.

Our higher selves know so much but we don’t always get that we can live from that higher self.  As a result, we see people all around us behaving from their basest instincts.

If we quiet ourselves to access our deepest soul, our higher selves, we know what is right.  “Be still and know that I am God” says Psalm 46:10.   Yes. Be still. That’s the answer.

Spiritual serenity and self-actualization can be achieved if we till our minds and follow our highest wisdom.  In all things.

wisdomOur higher selves can provide all kinds of insights and wisdom.

Having trouble deciding which direction to go in life? Your higher self knows.

Wrestling with a tough challenge? Your higher self can guide you.

Wondering the purpose of things going on in your life? Consult your higher self.

Stuck on, well, anything? You know the answer. You just need to find it. And it’s easier than you might think.

You can quiet your mind enough to access your highest self through a spiritual connection service I do that can be found here.

No need to be with me in person–you can be anywhere in the world. Yes, online works as well as in-person. No need to be in front of me.  If you are curious and might want to try it via Zoom, I’ll do it for $69. Because my mission is to help more people see what is possible–how powerful we really are.

Want to talk about it? Just talk? Schedule a call using the purple button on that page. That’s how you get this special discount.

Why do I do these specials? Because I can. And because I want more of us to learn how to access our own wisdom.

And soon I’ll be announcing an amazing retreat meant to connect you with that wisdom. Watch this space!


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