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As we age, ourselves, so many of us find ourselves in the caregiving role, juggling our own lives and families with the role of caregiver to a loved one.

In an ideal world we’d be able to handle whatever life throws at us, including the decline of our parents. I know plenty of people who work themselves to the bone trying to do caregiving that is beyond their ability. Because when it comes to our loved ones, we don’t want to admit that any caregiving is more than we can handle. Nor do we want to admit that caregivers need care, too.

My friend, Laurie Stone, writes about her parents’ situation in a post that I believe will resonate with anyone who has been a caregiver to aging parents. Or to a failing spouse or other loved one. To anyone, really. I’ve shared her short post below because I think it could be helpful.

How Do I Help Mom Help Dad?

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