Sister Monica Joan from Call the Midwife weighs in today, with a touching and profound lesson that resonates so deeply with so many of us. This show’s healing powers are very real. Kudos to the writers! So without any need to expand on her very clear meaning, let’s give my favorite character, voiced by Vanessa Redgrave, the floor:

“So where, in the end, do we belong? In the eyes of another, where we see ourselves reflected? or arm in arm with those whose faces echo ours, whose blood we share?

Or is it in the heart of the family we create where we are safest and best known, and never lonely?

Perhaps we belong where love can bloom because we give it room to put down roots and a place in which to thrive.  Seeds fly in upon the wind and settle where they will.

We all belong somewhere…. if we’re not nurtured as we should be we must find a choice to make a place to go, a harbor where the storm is held at bay.

Sometimes simply belonging to each other is enough and what matters is not the struggle, but where we find our peace.”

~Sister Monica Joan
Call the Midwife

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