I have been on medical leave for weeks so I know a bit about what many who are sick or recovering might appreciate. Today I’ve got some super-practical and/or affordable ways to reach out to a sick friend. (Some are absolutely free!). Because reaching out is a really nice thing to do.


ways-to-helpI was thrilled when I received cards in the mail. A sweet surprise when the mailman came. Sure, I got a lot of texts. But the cards told me that the friend actually went out of their way. Yes, cards are expensive. So a personal note on any paper OR a dollar store card (50 cents!) does exactly the same thing. Add a stamp? Not a budget breaker for most of us. And don’t forget to add a personal note. That’s super-important.

(Thank you to all my friends who sent cards and notes–you know who you are!)

2. FOOD IS LOVEways-to-help

A good friend made and delivered some rich chicken soup that was much appreciated at our house. But you don’t have to make it yourself–you can buy soups (Costco, Whole Foods, many places)  or even a rotisserie chicken–because food is love no matter who prepares it. Brownies, a cake, a casserole–it all works.  Just make sure you know if the patient is on a restricted diet.

3. PICK FROM YOUR GARDENways-to-help

If you have a garden, you have a virtually free way to tell a friend you are thinking of her. Pick some roses, lavender or something else and deliver them yourself. These are from my garden and I had the little mason jar in my cabinet. But you can find those little jars at any thrift shop.  And attach a note!

Look at the yellow roses in the top photo. They’re from my backyard and they’re floating in a bowl I found for a couple bucks at a thrift store. That small, simple, almost Zen arrangement rivals anything from a florist.

No need to spend $50+ for an arrangement when you have such sweet stuff in your own yard. If you’re local, it’s an easy, thoughtful and lovely gift.


ways-to-helpI love when customers tell me they made their own gift package out of the healing products here at A Healing Spirit. The display in the top photo includes my four-oz. candle with healing stones and healing affirmations, both of which I used during my recovery. Along with other healing tools.

Maybe you’d like to have a couple affirmation decks on hand for the next time someone you love has surgery or has treatment. I’m offering a 2FOR1 sale on all healing (or grief cards) through this Friday, May 24. And if you happen upon this post in the month of June 2019, I will give you the same offer–just email me:  ccassara (at) gmail ……. See the tabs on the home page here for either the healing or grief decks.

Take advantage of this excellent sale while you can–it’s my gratitude gift for the good outcome of my surgery.

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