This is a 4 oz candle but you can add the pendant to any candle we sell.

Everyone’s got a person, that go-to friend you trust with your life.

Who is your person?  The one you know will be there for you through thick and thin? The one you want to talk to when there’s something important or difficult or sad or happy on your mind?

THAT person.

I have one. And she inspired this new offering: the “You’re My Person” Candle with Pendant.

See that adorable tiny metal heart with a little hole atop? It can be attached to any of my beautiful candles. You won’t find it IN the wax or even on top, as displayed. No. That’s just the photo. If the candle has a lip, like our sweet 4 oz. candles, it’ll be on a cord tied around the candle.  If no lip, you’ll find it on the free gift tag that comes with it.

Or you can add the pendant to one of our gift packages or any of our products. Or buy the pendant by itself and attach it to something else.

So–Let your BFF know what s/he means to you by adding a tiny “You’re My Person” pendant to any pretty candle. A unique gift that speaks from the heart.

Interested?  Visit the page right here.
PS: Candles ship only to US addresses. For shipping costs to other countries, please contact me.


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