Or rather, we should make it a point to die the way we live.

No one likes to talk about death. I know I don’t.

No one plans to die. We all know it will happen. We hope it’s later rather than sooner. But no matter when it is, a good death is as important as a good life.

If we live a fearful life, we’ll die in fear. But we don’t have to.

All of the things that were important to us in life: loved ones, music, flowers, conversation, good food–most of those things can be part of a good death, too.

I always wondered why we fear death so much–why we don’t celebrate it. Because death is not the end-it’s just a transition. And most people believe that–even if the exact “place” they believe we go differs.

The other day I was thinking about someone I knew who took her life last fall and how she must be lighting up the afterlife with her smile. And then I took inventory of the people I know on the other side: My favorite aunt and uncle. My parents and grandparents. My dogs and cats. And a favorite professor, not to mention my favorite high school teacher. Yes, the afterlife must be a pretty lively place these days!

Like so many others, the idea of death does freak me out. It’s an unknown, after all. But I’m going to try my best look at it the way Dr. Wayne Dyer did: as the next great adventure in life.


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