This can be tough to swallow, because bad things happen in the world. Horrible things. And it’s hard to wrap our minds around why that greater reality (God, Allah, whomever) would allow bad things to happen.

My mind swirled when Krishna Das talked about that greater reality at a workshop.  It’s not that I haven’t heard it before or that I don’t believe it. It’s just that I wonder all the time what it’s all about. Why these horrible things happen in the world. (I do watch too much Dateline.)

What about this idea that bad things teach someone lessons? Not necessarily the victim, either. Not that long ago I read something that pinged me big-time: “we’re not here for lessons, but to remind ourselves of what we already know.” Because as souls, we come in with a boatload of knowledge.  Knowledge that we seem to forget once we’re involved in our lives on earth.

Krishna Das pointed out also that “It’s grace that saves all of us but it dresses up as something else when it comes.”

So, I think to myself, how are these bad things “grace?”

And I remember something else he said, quoting the Buddha: “there is no possibility of life without suffering.”

I can’t say I subscribe completely to the Buddhist view of life, but I do believe that life entails suffering. We can’t avoid it. Some suffer more than others. I have no explanation for that.

I can only trust that when we leave this life and move back “home” all will be revealed.

Wondering if you have any thoughts about that.

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