You’re not different than I am. We have changes that we’d like to make. Changes that would support better physical health. Better emotional health. Happiness.

And yet change can be elusive. It’s hard. It takes effort. It’s easy to talk to the talk, but can we walk the walk? Are we living aligned with our authentic selves? Or do we make excuses for those times we fail to live up to who we really are?

I am a beautiful soul. You are a beautiful soul. Are we living in that recognition?

Taking quiet time to be alone with ourselves and looking carefully inside can help us reboot and renew our lives.

From time to time I amp up my search for opportunities to allow me to do this that. Because I see the benefit of seeing myself in clear focus. I see clearly what I might need to tweak.

In that spirit, I’m working on providing an opportunity for others to join me for that look within.

I’ll keep you posted because it’s something you’re going to want to consider.

Stay tuned.




I am. Emma Troy

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