redefining-valentine's-dayI know this is a day to celebrate romantic love. But maybe we’re overdue to look at it more broadly. Because let’s get real: romantic love is fraught. And not everyone has it.

Let’s define Valentine’s Day more inclusively.

What if this were a day to celebrate our unity with the love that is the higher consciousness?

What if we celebrate unconditional love as the highest vibration that it is? The kind of love that has nothing to do with fear or dissonance.

What if we celebrated our love for ourselves? for the world? for the Source?

I know. It’s pretty radical. But I’m going to suggest it anyway: Let’s celebrate Feb. 14 a different way:
redefining-Valentine's-DayDo something nice for yourself.
Take a break. Shut down social media for the day. Sit down with something yummy. Feel the love that surrounds you. Read a book.
Do something nice for your loved ones.
Play with your dog. Skype with the grandkids. Or take them to a movie. Wash the dishes even though it’s hubby’s turn. Surprise your mother with a visit and an outing.
Do something nice for your community.
Drop off some gently used clothes to a homeless shelter. Donate to an rescue group. Volunteer your time. Feed the needy. There’s so much need out there. Find it, help make it better.
Do something nice for the world.
Resist social media nastiness, even political nastiness. Even when you think it’s deserved. Forgive everyone. Send kindness out into the world. Think the best of people and if you can’t, don’t think of them at all. Feel your connection to all that is and ever will be.
Yes, let’s redefine Valentine’s Day. Because I like this way much better.
You might want to take a look at the gifts tab up to of this home page to see some ways you can spread the love.
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