valentine-giftSomething sweet is in the air, perfect for Valentine’s Day (not to mention birthdays, Mother’s Day and just about any day of all….)  It’s a pretty little Valentine gift for a mother, mother-in-law, daughter, grand-daughter, BFF, aunt and anyone you’d like to give a little extra love to.

Here’s a photo of my new, limited edition Hearts & Flowers Candle, de-constructed. That means I’m showing you most of the ingredients but not put together.  I haven’t made it yet and there’s a reason! They are made to order. And they’ll be as gorgeous as all of my other candles.

The Hearts & Flowers Candle is a sweet, compact, candle embedded with beautiful pink and red flowers and petals, a small pink rose heart-shaped quartz healing stone, tiny red hearts and other pretty crystals and stones. Each one is unique and perfect for a bedside table, counter or living room.

And still at our usual affordable prices.

You can (and should) order them now!  For delivery before Valentine’s Day you must order by January 28. Shipping by Priority Mail begins Feb. 1 and it’s first-come first-shipped.

Volume: 4 ounces in a graceful, repurposed glass container that is about 2.75 inches across and about the same tall. Significantly larger than a votive. Customers say they burn up to 30+ hours.
Color: a shade of pink, red or off-white, our choice but if you really, really want one or the other, just email  me
Unscented: $13
Scented: $16  Choose vanilla, lavender or  mandarin orange
If you’d like a GIFT TAG included, choose that and up to 10 words of message at checkout: $2
RUSH charge: Means sent before our ship date. Choose at checkout. $10

** For a larger custom Hearts & Flowers Candle, contact me at ccassara (at)

sacred-spaceIf you haven’t seen one of our candles, here’s a look at one. It’s not the Hearts & Flowers candle, because I haven’t made those yet, but it shows you how the stones and flowers work together to make a beautiful whole. In fact, someone who got one as a holiday gift told the giver, “This isn’t a candle, it’s a work of art!”  Another customer bought eight to bring to a “Favorite Things” holiday party because, she told me, “These are my favorite things!”  She actually bought 16 total in December.  They’re sort of like a potato chip–you can’t get just one. I love that people love them!

Candles of any kind may be ordered any time but I will make and ship candles only once a month. That  means if you’d like any candle by February 14, order between now and January 28.  If you need a candle before then, choose “rush charge” when you check out. Full shipping schedule for the next three months below and on the Candles page. So…order now for Valentine’s Day!

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