Have you noticed that everyone’s writing about gratitude? When I see these lovely posts listing the many things for which the writers are grateful I always think, “I’m just grateful to draw breath, because without health, life is difficult.”ย  It’s the mega-gratitude, isn’t it?

So today I’m not writing about gratitude, but about change. Maybe you can relate or maybe you’ll be inspired.


A Healing Spirit is my passion. But. I didn’t think this business through very well at the front end. I was led to this work and my brain took a back seat to my heart as in “eyes were bigger than my stomach.” I let the business run away with me (and my life!) and there went a lot of my leisure time. Time for a change.

So this year, I’m scaling the business to fit my stage of life and also my need for more time for me. Not necessarily to do more travel. To study what I want to study. And to do what I want to do without self-imposed guilt that I’m not working.

I’ve joined a group that’s addressing afterlife topics in a serious and almost academic way. I’ll be doing more of that kind of stuff this year, not because it relates to my business (although it does), but because I LOVE it.


This past year I’ve happily released people who were not additive. You know, the ones who never initiate or return invitations. And the ones who are negative or passive-aggressive.

I don’t miss them. I don’t even think about them.

At the same time, I began doing more fun things with friends who ARE reciprocal. Ones I enjoy. No-bullshit friends.ย  And I’ve welcomed new people who ARE fun into my life. Ones I have significant stuff in common with.


Purpose is more than work. Bigger. Broader. An important component is joy. And self-care is yet another.

I don’t have a long list of things I hope to do. I’ve got a list of things I’m actually doing!

I’ve re-evaluated and I’m setting limits for myself — that’s a good thing for us all to consider.

Are we doing what brings us joy? Are we running on empty? Can we take better care of our spiritual and physical selves? Are we having enough fun? Are we relaxed enough? Is change needed?

I hope you’re thinking about these things and that the new year brings you so much joy you can’t stand it!

Remember, I offer several services that help you dig deep:ย  regression, spiritual connection and of course, hypnotherapy. I’d love to help you. Anywhere in the world, because yes, this all works perfectly, if not better, via Skype.

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