Grief support can be tricky.

It’s always hard to know how to lend support to loved ones who are grieving.  I never like getting flowers because they seem celebratory and even cloying. In some cultures, a card and money are given. That doesn’t seem right, either. It’s not a wedding.

The best of all support options is to spend time with the person who is grieving. But sometimes, we’re too far away to do that. Sure, we can call, and that’s an especially nice thing to do after everyone has gone and the inevitable loneliness sets in. Calls are wonderful ways to show support.

When you can’t lend support in person

On top of that, though, and especially if you are distant,  it’s nice to send a little something and that’s how I came up with these gentle, beautiful grief affirmation cards. They’re a thought a day for 50 days,  meant to help folks honor and work through their grief.

grief-supportHonoring grief means not pretending it goes away. It’s accepting grieving as part of life and finding a way to feel through it. These affirmations help folks do that.

There are 50 cards in a deck and some clients tell me they pull the deck out each time they suffer a loss because the thoughts on the cards are so helpful.

The affirmations can be used as a meditation thought or just something to think about each morning and throughout the day.

Pretty inside and out

They come in a pretty, lavender organza bag and are compact enough to fit in a pocket or handbag.

The cards are included in my two condolence gift packages but can also be purchased separately. At $14.95, they are super-affordable. And through the weekend, shipping on the grief affirmation deck is absolutely free.

You can find the cards here on this site, and for free shipping through Sunday night enter the checkout code Cards.

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