do-goodIt’s really interesting how we attract that stuff we focus on.

This has been a particular challenge in these difficult days, when violence and hatred fill the 24 hour news hole. We can’t avoid negativity and it’s natural that sometimes, we spin out on it. I know, I do.

But that’s not healthy.

I was gutted by the massacre at the synagogue followed closely by the shooting at the Florida yoga studio and then the massacre at the country bar. Far too many acts of violence.

My challenge has been to bring to the surface my belief that I / we have divine potential. And to focus on that–on love and acts of love.ย  If we all did that? Far healthier.

It’s my hope that if we all do the best we can to set aside the craziness around us and combat it with only good–

–if we habitually do random acts of kindness and acts of love: do good deeds

–if we remember that we are expressions of God

—we can drive out the evil that surrounds us. And begin to attract those things consistent with a higher level of spirituality and our own highest good.

Troubled by what’s going on around us? Having a tough time coping with it? Would you like a closer spiritual connection? Schedule a call to talk to me about how I might help you do that.ย 

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