We’re always looking for a way out, when really, most answers (and relief) can be found by finding the way IN.

Our mind can distract us from the knowledge that at our core, we are all souls. We connect with that soul when we quiet our minds to meditate.

So take a deep, deep breath and the let it all the way out.  And again.  And one more time.

You might just glimpse the peace that can be found in soul contact.

Maybe you’d like to shift awareness to handle pain or anxiety or some other condition. Schedule a time to talk with me about whether hypnotherapy might help. Yes, it works via Zoom or Skype. So easy. So effective.

Or maybe you’d like to connect with your soul on a deeper level. Schedule a time to discuss regression or another spiritual connection. Yes, they work via Zoom or Skype.

I’m here for you.

So is your soul.


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