Mine does.

We visited St. Paul’s Cathedral in London for Evensong last August. I was a bit under the weather, but the service and music were inspirational. And so was the little service booklet we got so we could follow along. Because on the reverse side, I saw this perfect example of true Christianity in action:

“St. Paul’s is delighted to be a partner of the Islington Centre
for Refugees & Migrants.
The Center welcomes refugees and asylum seekers
at many different stages of their journey.
It takes time and effort to find a way to belong,
especially after leaving one’s own country under traumatic conditions,
and the centre strives to give people that time and assistance.
The centre’s particular concern is for refugees and asylum seekers
who don’t yet speak English and so find it hard to communicate.”

I have just a few things to say about this, starting with “I saw Christ in those paragraphs.”

Our world is in need of healing.

Organized religion is meant to play a role in healing, without judgment. It’s not meant to be political. The American way has always been to separate church and state and for good reason.ย  It’s not meant to be about hate and judgment. Scripture tells us not to judge. Luke 6:37. John 8:7. Matthew 7: 1-2 to name just a few places it’s clear and there are more. Just a reminder to all those who set great store by their Bible studies..

In the beginning Christianity was all about following Christ’s teachings.ย  Peace, love, brotherhood.

Somewhere along the way it got perverted. Power, money, sex, politics–I get that we live among worldly things but Christians who lose sight of the original mission can no longer call themselves Christians. Even if they possess a well-thumbed, marked-up Bible. Because their behavior shows that they missed Christ’s point.

They are “fake Christians.”

I was warmed and encouraged by this beautiful British congregation’s commitment to serving those less privileged and to following the tenets Christ reminded us of.

That is what true spirituality is all about.

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