lovedIf you follow the medium Suzanne Giesemann, a retired Navy commander and former aide to the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and now a practicing medium…(yes, fact!) …so if you follow Suzanne, as I do, you know about her group of spirit guides that go by the name of Sanaya.

Every day Suzanne emails Sanaya’s messages to subscribers and each message ends with  “you are so very loved.” Which is a statement that becomes more profound every time I read it.  So much so that I feel it to my very core in a strangely emotional way.

A rare beauty

Because that kind of unconditional love is so rare. And feels so good.

I have experienced that love from the other side many times, as my guides and family show me the path, reassure me, reinforce me and actually just love me, totally and completely.

The most profound thing that ever happened to me was at a workshop. The medium was lecturing on funeral rituals, nothing woo-woo, and all of a sudden from my right I felt an overwhelming rush of love, a tidal wave of love that just kept coming, so big and so fast it overwhelmed me.  I then heard my father on the other side say “I love you so much…” and give me other loving messages.

Like a tidal wave

It was a shock to feel the intensity of love from the other side and it stuck with me for hours until finally, it abated and I was left awed and amazed.

We live in a world where love isn’t always front and center. Where some people feel free to push their hate and fear out in public ways. We are “led” by men who use fear and hatred to get their agendas passed.

In the face of fear and hatred, there’s only one thing to do:


And remember that we are so loved. By the Divine and by our loved ones on the other side. There is a purity to that love that brings me to my knees in awe. Not in worship, but in awe.  The secret to being loved is…that there IS no secret.

You are so loved.

Remember that.

And why not show someone how loved they are with one of our gentle healing gifts or healing candles?


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