My Gosh, I know some unkind people and I’ll bet you do, too. Pretty sure they operate out of things like fear, scarcity, feeling unloved.

I’m also pretty sure that if asked, they would consider themselves to be kind people. And I’m sure they are, in lots of ways.

Just not all ways.

So to combat the unkindness in the world, I think we should all toss kindness around like confetti. Let it cover every bit of the unkind world we live in.

Random acts of kindness or just being more patient. Nicer. I know I’d like to do more of that.

One act of kindness is to gift someone with a deck of our lovely healing affirmations. There’s one for healing that is helpful for everyone, not just those who are sick, and another for those who are grieving.

Check them out here.


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