I’d love to be perfect.  The fact is I’m not. Soul guidance is a necessity for me.

Oh sure, I’m pretty nice and accepting and mostly non-judgmental.  “Mostly.” Because I do have my moments.

The other day someone snarky pushed my buttons in a big way. Instantly, I went to that person’s faults. How negative they are. How ridiculously arrogant even when wrong.

And then, I received this a day later in my daily email from Sanaya, medium Suzanne Giesemann’s guides:

How silly you are when you are stuck in human thinking!
The soul knows only love.
Be that which you are, Love, and laugh at the alleged “faults.”
They are part and parcel of being human.
And what of them?
Set them to the side and know true Love. ~Sanaya

All I could do is smile, and say “Touche!”

The Universe ALWAYS gives us what we need, when we need it, doesn’t it?

In this case, a reminder that people come in all shapes, sizes, colors and yes, personalities. And they are all just, well, human. WE are all human.

A good reminder.

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