past-life-regressionIt’s true that many people have a past life regression out of simple curiosity, wondering, “Have I lived before and if so, who was I?”

What they may not understand is how a past life regression can help heal, even in this life. For many of my clients, a past life regression has helped find the roots to issues in this life, and by healing the issue in the past life, they find resolution in the here and now.

Because we are, in fact, immortal souls who never die, we’ve got a very long history during which many things have happened. Some issues do carry on life after life.

Benefits, even if you don’t believe in reincarnation

And oh, by the way, you don’t have to believe in reincarnation or have any spiritual belief at all to benefit from a past life regression. That’s because regressions help you access your subconscious mind, where all of your memories reside.  The subconscious can have a lot to say and can offer a whole lot of healing in a single session. It doesn’t always happen that way, but it’s not unusual.

A past life regression can help you release limiting fears or beliefs about yourself, find the roots of phobias and even pain and illness, and even access that elusive inner peace. If you’ve noticed repetitive patterns in your life, a regression can often help uncover its roots and help you break free of any dysfunction.

A  between lives regression can take you to the afterlife, to visit the planning session for this life in which the purpose of this life and the people in it can become clear. And so can some of the challenges you are facing in this life. You can meet your spirit guides and connect with the essence of self that is your immortal soul.

A safe place to explore

I’m known for creating a safe and supportive atmosphere in which my clients can access even difficult memories and begin to heal.

Does everyone travel back? Many do relax sufficiently during the first session to have vivid recall that is rich in detail. Others may need another session to relax deeply enough. That’s what it’s all about–relaxing deeply enough so that the conscious mind is turned off. And clients do that by following my voice down deep into relaxation, like the deepest meditative state you’ve ever been in.

Talk is cheap. In fact, it’s free!

I’d love to talk with you about it.  If you visit this page and scroll to the very bottom you’ll find a scheduling button for a 15 minute phone call with me to discuss. No obligation–just a talk. Let’s see if it fits.

And if it does, I’m prepared to offer you $20 off any regression if you mention this post. That’s because I believe so deeply in the work I do I’d love more of you to benefit!

So schedule the phone call and let’s just talk about what a regression is like. Then, you decide.

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