When my friend, Peter, posted this on Facebook last month I gasped out loud at its simple truth. Let’s break it down:

The human mind is a spark of God: It’s the creation of the Divine, so it is a spark of the almighty.

Powerful mind: Maybe you don’t think the mind is that powerful. But I can tell you that it is.  Believing is that powerful.

Believing intensely? It’s the ticket.

Think about how many studies have shown the effectiveness of placebos. Sugar pills that people believe will make them feel better. They believe and that believing makes them feel better.

Think about that for a moment and then read that graphic again.

I am awed by its simple truth.

I work with the mind all the time in my hypnotherapy practice and the results clients get by simply harnessing the mind and directing it, opening it up–those results astonish even me. And yes, even by Skype or Zoom. Even there. And maybe even more so, that way.



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