forgive-yourselfThis is going to sound crazy, but I believe that a happy ending comes only after forgiveness.

That’s right.

There is no fairy tale ending without the hard work of forgiveness.

You can trust me on this: I know from experience.

But what if there’s no one to forgive?

Oh, but there is. There may not be another person. But the most important person we need to forgive is ourselves.

Because way deep down lurks all the things we hold against ourselves. The ways we think we’ve fallen short.

But, as my spirit guide told me not too long ago in a Reiki session: You’re in training!

We’re ALL in training here at Soul School. Everything we do is a lesson and every response we make can either demonstrate what we’ve learned or how much further we have to go.

We are all works in progress. Not a single one of us is perfect. But we act like we think we SHOULD be perfect.

Let us all forgive ourselves now for our human frailties. And pledge to do better in those places we fall short.

God knows, I can do better!

And s/he does know, that’s for  sure!

Let’s all forgive ourselves for not knowing what we didn’t know until we learned it.

And then, after we’ve learned it, find our happy ending.

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