Make it personal. A gift that matters has personal resonance. It’s usually not something you pick up on the fly. It’s something that takes thought and effort. That takes the recipient’s likes and personality into account. That’s what a gift that matters is like.

Not just any book. A certain book.

Not just any piece of jewelry. THAT piece of jewelry.

Not just any painting. THAT one.

Most of us want to give a gift that matters to those who matter:  our children, mothers, closest friends.

But a gift that matters is also appreciated by brides, bridesmaids, people who grieve, people who are in the process of healing, parents celebrating a christening.

I offer gifts that matter.

My beautiful, custom candles can be made to order in just about any size, color, fragrance and can use mementoes important to the person.

Does your best friend have favorite colors, flowers, crystals? Let me craft a beautiful gift candle that’s just for her. One of a kind.

If you know a bride, I can use flowers from her wedding and crystals to create a lovely memento candle with crystals that mean something. I kept one from my own wedding years ago and it wasn’t even embellished.

Or maybe you are a bride and want to give your bridesmaids something customized just for them. I can make a beautiful candle for each.

A good friend loves the beach: I’m making her a shell-infused, beachy candle as a gift.

If your mom recently passed, I can use pieces of favorite earrings or other mementoes, and accent them with stones that are known to be helpful for grief. I can even use her favorite flowers or even flowers from her funeral. If you think that sounds odd I should tell you that I have a dried rose from my close friend’s funeral sitting right next to me.

What about a caregiver you know? Would they appreciate something pretty just for them?

A neighbor who is ailing might like a healing candle with all the good juju healing crystals and energy can provide. Certainly it would be a much-appreciated thoughtful gesture.

On my candles page find gorgeous candles already made (by me!) or contact me about how a custom candle might be just what you’re looking for. SEPTEMBER UPDATE: TAKING ORDER FOR MY NEW FALL CANDLES in yummy scents of Apple Cider, Apple Cinnamon & Harvest Spice–scroll down to the orange headline on my candles page.

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