Deep grief seems to be everywhere these days, both public and private. It is one of the hardest journeys we’ll ever travel and we must do it alone.

Like everyone else, I’ve taken that journey more than once. Close family, dear friends, beloved pets: I’ve grieved them all. As have you. And that’s really how my line of products to help with grief began: with the knowledge that it’s something we all face and with the desire to find something that made the journey a little bit easier.

Our Guided Journal through Grief is one such aid.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’ve felt like it’s a burden to continue to share my grief with my loved ones. There’s only so many times I can talk about my sadness. And of course, sometimes I want to be alone with it.  The Guided Journal means you’ve always have a place to work through your grief, at your own pace and in your own way. Without worry of being judged.

Questions like these allow us to air the feelings that friends and family may not know what to do with.  The Guided Journal through Grief has pages of questions–called “prompts”–as well as activities.  Each will help you in your healing process. And it IS a process that takes as long as it takes.


No matter how prepared we are for someone’s passing, there are likely to be things unsaid. On this page, you get a chance to say them. To give them light. To send them up to your loved one’s soul.

By the way, you don’t have to write. You can draw, paint or collage with little mementos or images cut from magazines.


Maybe, like me, loved ones have passed suddenly, before you could have a last conversation. What would you say if you knew their passing was imminent? You can say it here. For me, I might write about all the things that I will miss and what I will remember.

I find rituals to be helpful in saying goodbye. Develop your own or use one of the ideas in the Guided Journal through Grief.

As you can see, this really is a grief resource. The journal makes a lovely gift just by itself–it’s affordably priced at only $15.95. It is also one of the components of our beautiful large condolence gift.   You can find all our grief support tools here.  Those who use them say they are very helpful.

And if you’d like to learn a little more about how to use it, watch this very short video, below.

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