cool-offI know plenty of people who become super-sensitive to the heat while or after undergoing chemo.  Not everyone has the benefit of central air conditioning and even when you do, it might not be enough to keep cool. Even if you’re not having treatment, those peri-menopausal years and beyond could mean you need a little extra cooling off. I know I do. And let’s not talk about how hot it’s been this summer. Because that will make ME only hotter.

Then I saw a super-helpful post about how to keep your home cool in summer, written by my friend, Rachael Stray. It’s full of really good tips for managing the heat — and some are things I know work because I do them already, like run a fan at night, even though I do have central air.  Other ideas were new to me and you can bet I’ll be using them during this hot summer. Because otherwise, my electric bill for air conditioning will be out of control.

She’s graciously allowed me to present her post and ideas to you. I know you’ll get as much out of them as I did. So read it and keep cool this summer!

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