There are so many reasons to be anxious about your disease.  Fear of pain.  Looking different.  Changes in relationships.  Lifestyle limitations.

And the big one: mortality.

A certain amount of anxiety is absolutely normal. For some, though, anxiety can be crippling AND it can even work against healing. That’s something we don’t always remember.

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Rochester found that suppressing emotions may increase the risk of certain forms of cancer and dying from heart disease. This confirms earlier studies that have linked anxiety and depression with health consequences. Studies going back two decades have shown that cancer patients who express their emotions about their disease do better: less pain, fewer symptoms and fewer cancer-related doctor visits.

We’ve read these studies and wonder why  more treatment protocols–for ANY disease–don’t take this into account. This idea that we can harness the mind to help the body is something I’m passionate about communicating.

anxietyThat’s why we offer A Guided Journal for Healing.  That’s a page from it in the image above.

It’s a safe place to express those feelings you may be holding in, to air them and reduce your anxiety level. 

If you don’t like to write, you can draw, paint or even make a little collage. The important thing is to let out your feelings and feel better.

With sturdy cover and pages, the journals are coil-bound so you can work with them easily anywhere.

Plus they are lovely, and make thoughtful –and most important, HELPFUL–gifts.

You can buy them individually OR as part of our Large Healing Gift. 

Are you an Etsy lover? I’ve got a shop over there, too!

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