Sometimes a thought can be so obvious, so logical, and yet so deep, that there’s not much more we can add to it.

In a world that’s constantly spinning with information, conversation, noise, finding our calm center and being silent for a while can not only improve hearing but clarify a situation.

Isn’t that the beauty of meditation? It silences the mind and allows us to see more clearly?

Baba Ram Dass is a guru and spiritual icon I’ve admired for decades and even more so in recent years as he approaches his end of life.  (He’s advocated death and dying awareness for many, many years)

His spiritual practice is all about love, so you can see that it would resonate with me. If you are wondering about who he is, check out Netflix’ Going Home, a short documentary in which he poetically muses about approaching end of life. Or read any of his many inspirational books, which, themselves, help quiet the mind.

Meanwhile, I’d love for you to think about the quote I used in the graphic. And if you’d like to explore your own spirituality, talk to me about this or even this.

You’d be very surprised at what can happen when you live with a more spiritual outlook. My masseur sometimes finishes his massages with a short Reiki session. During one of those sessions I unexpectedly had a vision of one of my spirit guides and the flash of a message he had for me. It happened and then was gone– I was taken by surprise. When I tried to recapture it,  to get more information and meaning, I couldn’t.

Being silent allows magical things to unfold. I’d love to help you do that. And yes, yes, this is entirely possible and very effective via Skype or Zoom. So anywhere in the world.

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